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FGS&Co. is proud to partner with many local and national charities and non-profits. For each purchase, we donate 25%+ of net proceeds to our featured charities. To support a specific cause, enter the designated code (listed below) at checkout. 

To learn more about becoming a Cause Partner and to apply, please visit this page.  

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Current Cause Partners

Alternative Cure

Alternative Cure provides free concert tickets to cancer patients and their families. Using the healing power of music, their goal is to relieve stress that is associated with the fight against cancer. In addition, they host benefit concerts to raise money for rare cancer research. To learn more, please visit Alternative CureTo support this cause, shop sitewide and enter code ALTERNATIVE at checkout. 





Through entrepreneurship-based, experiential learning, BUILD ignites the potential of youth in under-resourced communities and equips them for high school, college and career success. Partnering with high schools across the nation, BUILD inspires students to engage with their education and its role in their pathway to real world success. BUILD achieves this by providing students the opportunity and experience of starting and running their own small business – many for a profit! For more information, please visit BUILDTo support this cause, shop sitewide enter code BUILD at checkout.


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Carousel Fund

The Carousel Fund is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to raising and distributing funds for families with children who suffer from life-threatening illnesses. Since 1987, The Carousel Fund has helped save many precious young lives and spared their families economic catastrophe. With the dedicated help of hundreds of volunteers, celebrities, and corporate sponsors, they continue to be a viable source of assistance to families in distress. For nearly thirty years, The Carousel Fund have been the first essential resource for families when life-threatening illness strikes their child. To learn more, please visit Carousel FundTo support this cause, shop sitewide and enter code CAROUSEL at checkout.  




Founded in 2000 on the premise that every child should have access to transformative arts and athletics programs, no matter their physical limitations, CoachArt’s mission is to create a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness. Our goal is to ensure that students gain new skills, perform creative activities and participate in social outings. To work toward our mission, we pair students with trained volunteers to bring programs to young people and their families, battling some of life’s toughest obstacles. For more information, please visit CoachArt. To support this cause, shop sitewide and enter code COACHART at checkout. 


Giants Community Fund

FGS&Co. is proud to partner with the Giants Community Fund to promote healthy, productive lives within disadvantaged and underserved youths and communities. By collaborating with San Francisco Giants players, the Community Fund reaches over 20,000 boys and girls, ages 5 to 18 in more than 85 communities, as well as Junior Giants leagues throughout Northern California, Nevada and Oregon, providing assistance to targeted education, health and violence prevention. FGS&Co. is thrilled to be able to donate 100% of the proceeds from Giants-related products to the Giants Community Fund to help promote positive change within at-risk communities while highlighting this amazing charity's mission. For more information on the Fund, please visit the Giants Community Fund. To support this cause, shop sitewide and enter code GIANTS at checkout. 


FGS&Co. proudly supports GLIDE and their mission to provide innovative social services for the City's marginalized populations. Founded over 50 years ago by San Francisco's beloved Reverend Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani, GLIDE provides comprehensive support services to the poor and homeless communities. GLIDE operates on the philosophy that through programs in Wellness, Growth, Spirit and Leadership, each of us can experience love, acceptance and compassion. GLIDE is also recognized for their daily free meals program, feeding thousands of residents three nutritious meals a day, every day of the year. GLIDE is an invaluable institution in the San Francisco Bay Area, and FGS&Co. is happy to partner with GLIDE to provide another platform for their mission and vision to be heard. For more information, please visit GlideTo support this cause, shop sitewide and enter code GLIDE at checkout. 


Huckleberry Youth Programs

Huckleberry Youth Programs

Huckleberry’s mission is to educate, inspire, and support underserved youth to develop healthy life choices, to maximize their potential, and to realize their dreams. Since 1967, Huckleberry has accomplished this by providing San Francisco and Marin youth and their families with a network of services and opportunities by caring peers and adults. Each year its shelter, counseling, juvenile justice diversion, college access, health education and healthcare programs positively impact the lives of 6,000 young people. For more information, visit Huckleberry Youth ProgramsTo support this cause, shop sitewide and enter code HUCKLEBERRY at checkout. 


 Larkin Street Youth Services 

Larkin Street Youth Services

Larkin Street Youth Services is San Francisco’s premiere nonprofit provider targeting the unique needs of homeless and runaway youth between the ages of 12 and 24. Their mission is to create a continuum of services that inspires youth to move beyond the streets by nurturing potential, promoting dignity, and supporting bold steps by all. Since their founding in 1984, Larkin Street Youth Services has delivered programs in San Francisco to serve over 75,000 youth without a safe place to call home and helped them to rebuild their lives. Consistently, three out of four youth who complete the full range of programs at Larkin Street successfully exit street life. For more information, visit Larkin Street Youth ServicesTo support this cause, shop sitewide and enter code LARKIN at checkout. 


Marine Mammal Center 

The Marine Mammal Center

The mission of The Marine Mammal Center is to expand knowledge about marine mammals — their health and that of their ocean environment — and inspire their global conservation.  Over four decades, the Center has evolved into the world’s largest rehabilitation hospital of its kind and an international leader in the field of marine mammal science and education. Though their primary rescue range is limited to the California coast, they recognize the global nature of our ocean and the impacts we can have on it. By sharing their expertise with international veterinary professionals and collaborating with partners to raise awareness about global issues, The Marine Mammal Center's aim is to inspire conservation on an international scale. For more information, visit The Marine Mammal CenterTo support this cause, shop sitewide and enter code MARINE at checkout. 




MedShare collects surplus medical supplies and equipment from hospitals and manufacturers throughout the United States and redistributes it to healthcare facilities in our community and in developing countries across the world. The organization has sent over 1,350 shipments of medical supplies and equipment valued at over $200 million to 97 developing countries. In doing so, we’ve diverted 3 million cubic feet of perfectly usable surplus from landfills. MedShare has provided supplies to 3,480 medical mission teams in the Bay Area and beyond, and provides supplies free of charge to safety net clinics in the U.S., including 42 in the Bay Area. For more information, visit MedShareTo support this cause, shop sitewide and enter code MEDSHARE at checkout. 



Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center

PRRC's mission is to provide recreation, vocational and educational opportunities for people with disabilities through programs and services that encourage self-expression, promote personal achievement, and lead to greater independence. Our vision is of a stronger community providing opportunity and respect, embracing diversity, and inspiring people with disabilities to live a full life. To learn more visit Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation CenterTo support this cause, shop sitewide and enter code POMEROY at checkout.




Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo

RTR4C transforms chemotherapy centers in hospitals and clinics throughout the nation into beautiful and tranquil environments where true healing can occur. Facility operators and engineers work together with a 100% volunteer team of professional designers, project managers, local communities, committed vendors and community sponsors to create entirely new spaces where patients receive treatment. Sad and drab chemotherapy centers are uplifted into caring and positive rooms for children and adults alike. Uplifting and hopeful environments can help ease the suffering of all cancer patients - which is why RTR4C is dedicated to making them fun, hopeful and soothing for all. For more information, visit RoomsThatRock4ChemoTo support this cause, shop sitewide and enter code ROOMS at checkout. 

















San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center

San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center

San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center's mission is to prevent child abuse and reduce its devastating impact. Whether working directly with children, families, caregivers, communities, or systems, its goal is to create the greatest positive outcomes for children. No one can do this alone; preventing child abuse is a communal responsibility. SFCAPC honors the uniqueness of everyone’s own lived experiences and strives for an environment that includes and respects all perspectives. The center values the agency of individuals, families, and systems to keep kids safe. As a learning organization, the center believes that every child can be kept safe, and that by inspiring its community, its clients, and its partners to work together, we can all do our part to prevent child abuse. For more information, visit SFCAPCTo support this cause, shop sitewide and enter code SFCAPC at checkout. 


San Francisco General Hospital Foundation

 FGS&Co. holds the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation close to our heart. Through the proceeds of each purchase of a product made exclusively for the General Hospital Foundation, we enable the San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (The General) to provide high-quality medical care to patients and their families. The Foundation is dedicated to promoting excellence in research, education and care for all at The General. As the City's only provider of trauma and psychiatric emergency services, The General provides health care to 100,000 patients annually, including some of the City's most vulnerable. In addition, it is one of the foremost research centers for trauma in the country. For more information on The General, please visit San Francisco General Hospital Foundation To support this cause, shop sitewide and enter code SFGHF at checkout.